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5-Book Poet, Dan Masterson

Here We Are: A Gallery of Poems was launched 10/24/2015, at The Grolier Poetry Press in Harvard Square. Watch reading below:

          Welcome, from Dan Masterson

After reading thousands of poems over the past many years, I am still anxious to read one of yours. I will critique one poem--in detail--FREE OF CHARGE and return it it to you promptly.

Send me a poem at prdan55@gmail.com

After reading and commenting on your free poem, if I feel I can help you make your work even better--a decision I've been faced with since I founded Poetry Master in 2005--perhaps we should consider working together on a contract, but that's down the road.

The Search Is Over: We welcome Copy Editor Martha Francis to Poetry Master. (She's going to copyedit my next book!)

Click here for her listing.

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