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5-Book Poet, Dan Masterson

Here We Are: A Gallery of Poems was launched 10/24/2015, at The Grolier Poetry Press in Harvard Square.

          Welcome, from Dan Masterson

After reading thousands of poems over the past many years, I am still anxious to read one of your poems and comment on it--in detail--free of charge.

Send me a poem at hawk@enskyment.org

Click here to download some   "Writing Tips" I have found helpful.

If I feel I can improve your writing, I will invite you to enter into a contract of 5 poems and a revision of each. The fee is one-hundred dollars, but the first poem is absolutely free--no strings attached!

Want to talk? I am free to speak with you about your poems or poetry in general, every Saturday from 12pm-1pm EST. Please leave a message if you can't reach me.

Call me at (201) 564-0447

Already accepted for a 5-Poem Contract?

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